Vedic Astrology Digest Volume 1

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The ancient Indian culture of the Vedic times is an extremely rich and exalted culture. During this period, which goes back several thousand years B.C., the various arts and sciences attained a pinnacle of ascendancy. The brilliance of the advocates of this culture lies in the fact that they inculcated it in their daily chores. Over a period of time, the Vedic culture became a way of life in India. Civilizations rose and fell, but the Vedic culture survived because it had become a physiological constituent of its practitioners. Indian astrology has always been an inseparable limb of the Vedic culture. It has been labelled as the ‘eye’ of the Vedas, the unquestioned repository of knowledge. It is only appropriate that this knowledge be made available to the sincere seeker who does not have easy access to it. The Vedic Astrology Digest is being published with this aim of disseminating knowledge related to Vedic astrology and culture. To achieve this end, the Editor and the Publisher of the Vedic Astrology Digest seek the cooperation and indulgence of all the sincere seekers of ancient wisdom. The Vedic Astrology Digest will be a multi-volume publication. The highlights of the first volume are as follows:
• Highly researched and authentic articles based primarily on the Parashari system of Vedic astrology by some of the most eminent writers, present and past, on the subject.
• An in-depth analysis of the various aspects of the enigmatic eighth house, highlighting its positive aspects no less than the negative.
• A section devoted to misgivings in astrology covering a host of important subjects like sadhe-sati, debilitation, cancellation of debilitation, combustion, retrogression, planetary conjunction, Mangala-dosha, etc.
• Basics of astronomy as relevant to astrology, incorporating the ancient Indian concepts.
• A small section giving hints about the unique system of Chakras in Vedic astrology.
• Stories of the grahas extracted from the Puranas, showing their deep relevance to astrology.
• A few ‘Mantras’ extracted from the Vedas as relevant to astrology.
• Rich material on several other aspects of Vedic astrology, including lost horoscopes, Gulika, profession, nakshatras in the zodiac, etc.
• Verily, this work would be found valuable alike by the amateur and the professional, the student and the scholar


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