Laghu Parashari

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The Laghu Parashari is a highly acclaimed Vedic astrology classic on the exposition of the Vimshottari dasha of Parashara. The text is remarkable for its brevity on the one hand and the profundity of connotation on the other, qualities that are peculiar to the Sanskrit language. The main subjects that this classic deals with are as follows:
• Significance of functional nature of grahas;
• Demarcation between strong and blemished yogas;
• Maraka potential of the benefic lords of the kendras;
• Factors that make and mar raja yogas;
• Mutual interaction between dasha and antardasha lords;
• Functional malefics that produce good results;
• Adverse dashas intervening between yoga-karaka dashas;
• Significance of mutual connectedness of grahas or lack of it;
• Special yogas from Rahu and Ketu;
• Longevity and end of life;
• Special results of mutual Venus-Saturn dasha-antardashas. We have provided literal translation of Sanskrit shlokas, an elaborate commentary with references from other classics where necessary, and numerous example charts to explain the subtlest principles of Vimshottari dasha interpretation enshrined in this classic.


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